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Fri 11th Apr 2014    21st Birthday Bash. A Message from the C.O.    Hi all Bashers,
Further to my original email 28th March,
I now urgently need to know how many of you are planning to attend our 21st Birthday Bash on Thursday April 24th @ The Anchor, Chudleigh Knighton so that I can organise the appropriate amount of food and drink . To this date only 3 Bashers have confirmed that they will be there . It's going to cost you 2 and the Bash much more!! So please reply to this email A.S.A.P. if you want to be there. We will be riding the original route and you will be timed ~though it's not meant to be a race. It's just that we used to time the first Bash rides and they were not races then either. In 1993 I was 57 and it took me 1hr:41:54 . In 2012 Dandy & Pisspot gave it some welly and recorded 1:17:4~ Blaster & Flossie clocked 1:21:31. However the minor roads we used have now become more difficult and dangerous due to potholes & the lack of general maintenance so care will be needed. Once again I stress that you do not have to ride the whole route as it's quite easy to short cut if that's what you want. Surely more than 3 of you will be joining me on the 24th. If so let me know NOW !!
Sat 29th Mar 2014    Off-Road ride tomorrow (30th Mar)    The road ride tomorrow will start from the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club led by Pottsie. Off-roaders to meet at the Ley Arms, Kenn (best not to use their car park though, as we're not drinking in the pub!)
Fri 28th Mar 2014    New Birdseye    Bothways has been working her fingers to the bone producig the latest edition of Birdseye for your delectation and enjoyment..... Click on the "Birdseye" link at the top of the page, and then follow the link for Birdseye edition 22.
Tues 11th Mar 2014    Loadsa Photos!!!!    We have a Papparazzo among us.... well... she's female, so should it be a papparazza maybe?...... Anyway... Eve has deluged us with emails and photos... many more than would fit comfortably on the news page... but worth seeing nevertheless! So they have all been collected together in a gallery on the photos page. There are photos of the FARTS rides, Noddy's 60th birthday celebrations, "Spanner's" naming, Melon Pickers "stirrer spoon" award and many more. Just click the "Photos" tab at the top of the page and follow the link for "Eve's photos"
Phil and Caroline  at the Royal Oak, Ideford
Sat 8th Mar 2014    The Royal Oak at Ideford wins "Pub of the Year Award"... AGAIN!    Well, Phil and Caroline have triumphed yet again ... winning the TVPB "Pub of the Year" award. It's not luck. It's a good pub with good beer and there's always a welcome.
Thanks to you both. We'll be back!!

Sturmey Archers ride on Sunday 16th Mar.
Sturmey Archer will be leading a road ride from Greenawell Park Farm, West Ogwell, Newton Abbot TQ12 6FW next Sunday. As yet, there is no off-road route planned, so any offers to set a ride will be gratefully received! Otherwise the off-roaders will probably do an ad-hoc ride on the day.

Tues 25th Feb 2014    Debi's naming. A message from the C.O.    Hi Bashers, The Virgin Scout Basher, Debi Underhill Clegg, was duly christened "Bunty " after her ride in the Teign Cellars pub, Newton Abbot. As so often happens, it was contentious but then, TVPB namings are never intended to be totally Democratic!
I had considered a fair number of other possible Bash Handles... ~ "Smiler" (cos she always is!) ~ "12 Volt" Bunty's namingcos it's DC current ~ "Beaujolais" cos of Clegg in last of the summer wine, (she's partial to a drop of vino) and she's new ~ so "Beaujolais Nouveau" too ~ all of which would get shortened to "B Jolly" ~ "Wunbe" cos there's only one B in Debi as opposed to Debbie ~ Or even "No Bra/Bra-less" cos she's Debi not Deborah. Then there was "Whoopie" cos she's often making it. Finally there was the popular "Not Nick's/No Nicks".
BUT unfortunately I only see her as a "Bunty". All the Bunties I have known have been well rounded, jolly,happy, nice girls & women. Just like our Debi!. So I feel confident that This name will become a TVPB generic just like Poppy, Flossie, Mudsie etc etc have. AND if my choice frustates you that much you could perhaps even refer to her as "Bunty No Nicks".
But I will only ever call her "Bunty" cos that's what she is to me!
Ride On Pottsie
Wed 19th Feb 2014    Video of Jonno's off-road ride last Sunday.    Thanks to Pete, who has posted some headcam video footage of last Sunday's off-road on Youtube. Here's the link Beautiful day wunnit?... so nice to see the sun!
Mon 17th Feb 2014    Bobbiball weekend photos    Bothways has sent in some photos taken at Exford last weekend... Prodigious quantities of cider and beer are frequently consumed over the Bobbiball weekend and things can become a bit of a blur.... some of the photographs reflect this.....
Click on the photos tab at the top of this page and follow the link for Bobbiball weekend.
This Sundays ride (23rd Feb) A message from Gazza

Hi all,
This Sundays ride (23rd) will be from Newton Abbot - meet at Newfoundland Car Park (below the Police Station and free on Sundays). This will be Debi Underhill-Clegg's first ride, so another chance of 'friendly banter' at someone's else's expense for some of you at the naming ceremony!
The pub venue will be the 'Teign Cellars' (formerly The Green Man & Devon Arms) in East Street adjacent to The Dartmoth Inn.
If someone would like to volunteer to lead an off road ride then please do, if not then come along and ride your MTB on the road for a change!
Hope to see lots of you on Sunday,
On on,
Thur 6th Feb 2014    Lost a Garmin???    A Garmin Edge 206 was found near Turf Locks last Sunday (2nd Feb), If you think it might be yours, please contact Aunt Sally on 07545 577504.
Mon 3rd Feb 2014    Bash awards photos and more!    Many thanks to Eve, who really went the extra mile today and sent me over sixty emails with a photo attached to each one! That's dedication!! So we have loads of pics of yesterday's awards ceremony. Also we have a selection of photos of the Christmas Bash taken by Mike Alsford. Mike's a professional photographer who has worked for all the well known newspapers as well as TV, advertising and promotional work. (Click the link to see his website.) So many thanks to him for letting us use the photos on our site.
Eve's photos of the Awards and Mike's pictures of the Christmas Bash can be seen by clicking the links on the photos page.
Bash Awards ...And the winners of the Bash Awards this year are....

Mike Wareham Memorial Glide - Female:    -----    Lin (Flappy) Proctor
Mike Wareham Memorial Glide - Male:    -----    John (Debacle) Arkle
Helping Hand:    -----    Ann (Mudsie) Wareham
Stirrer Spoon (Tonto Award):    -----    Ian (Melon Picker) Hegerty
Cranky Knee:    -----    Anna (Bothways) Reffell
Engineering Officer's Award:    -----    Stuart (Spiderman) Blundell
Best New Basher - Female:    -----    Eve Bates
Best New Basher - Male:    -----    Phillip (Dhobi Man) Cunningham
Best All Rounder:    -----    Andrea (Flossie) Wallace
Pottsie's Plinth:    -----    Janet (Tweedledee) Ceely
Tandem Award:    -----    Anna (Bothways) Reffell + Lee (Allways Atkinson)
Happy Basher Award:    -----    (Blow Job) Maxine's Choice, Debbi Clegg
TVPB Best Sunday Pub:    -----    Starcross Fishing + Cruising Club
Best Bash Pub - Thursday:    -----    "The Royal Oak, Ideford"
Crasher of The Year:    -----    Julie (Fallen Woman) Ridd
Unda's Paparazzi Award:    -----    Chris (Bin Liner) Board
Most Disastrous Thursday Ride:    -----    Michael (Rent Boy) Foundly
Most Disastrous Ride on Road:    -----    Jon (Aunt Sally) Sell
Drinker of the Year:    -----    Gary (Gassa) Clifford
Dope Pedlar:    -----    Jack (RJ) Smith
Hospital Case:    -----    Mary (Night Mare) Smith
Best on Road Scout Basher of the Year:    -----    John (Pottsie) Potts
Cranker of the Year:    -----    Ian (Blaster) Glendining
Special Achievement Award:    -----    Not to be awarded until Diamond Lil + Stretch return,
Basher of the Year:    -----    Frances (Tonto) Popley
Sat 1st Feb 2014    Bobbiball weekend... Spare place available.    Plugger can't make it to the Bobbiball weekend because he's got to spend two weeks skiing in the Alps. Poor Plugger!!! Anyway.. it means that there is a spare place available. If you're interested, contact Anna A.S.A.P.
Fri 31st Jan 2014    Off-Road ride this Sunday (2nd Feb)    Hi all headbangers, Please note that there will now be an off-road ride before the awards. Off roaders are going to meet @ 11am at the top of Haldon Hill (A38) in the redundant cafe car park (was a Happy Eater ??) North bound carriageway off A38 to Exeter~ (behind the filling station close to the communications mast). The awards lunch and presentations is being held after the ride @ Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club. All are welcome to attend ~ N.B. The buffet lunch that will be served from 2pm is only available to bashers who have already bought their ticket!!
Tues 28th Jan 2014    Oscars venue closed!!!!    Unfortunately, the Welcome Inn at Dawlish Warren, which was to host this year's "Bash Oscars" celebration next Sunday, has closed until further notice. So we're going to relocate to the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club. The C.O. is on the case and is in the process of getting food organised. Sadly, we won't be able to have our traditional carvery meal, but the beer's cheaper at the S.F.& C.C. which is a good thing! Watch this space for any further developments
Mon 20th Jan 2014    Dinky Tour 2014    Dandy would like to invite any basher to the sixteenth Brittany Bash known as the Dinky Tour. The dates are outbound Thursday night 8 May, returning Tuesday afternoon 13 May. The cost will be approximately 120 (how much?) to include ferry, cabin, food and booze. The plan is for cross-country off-road riding as usual, but, as ever, people can do their own thing. Contact Dandy at if interested. Deposits of 50 would be useful.
Fri 17th Jan 2014    Sad news.    Death of Rachel Pannell.    One of our former bashers, Rachel Pannell, has died at the horribly young age of 49.

She lodged with Aunt Sally in Starcross for a time, and made quite an impression with her bubbly personality and sense of humour. She had been battling ovarian cancer for some years, and despite fighting it all the way, succumbed in Rowcroft Hospice just before Christmas.

Rachel was buried in the church cemetery at Holne on Dartmoor, where she lived with her partner Matt Powell for many years. He told us she looked back on her time with the bash with great fondness, and often spoke of the happy days.

RIP Rachel.
Fri 10th Jan 2014    New Birdseye!    Bothways has been slaving away (in spite of having a poorly knee) compiling the latest edition of Birdseye for your delectation. You can see it by clicking on the link for issue 21 on the Birdseye page.
And a message from Bothways.....
Hi Bashers - Have the post Christmas/New year blues hit you? Do you need a holiday? Fancy some fun and cycling with friends? We have the perfect oportunity for you. 2 places have become available in the hostel for the Bobbiball weekend in Exford. The weekend is the 7th - 9th February 2014. The cost remains an amazing 55.00 - this includes all meals in the hostel from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, pub lunch Saturday and it includes alcohol and entertainment within the hostel. There will be daily rides set off road riding (by Timotei) and Road rides which will cover all cycling abilities, there is also great walking around the area being in close to Exmoor. This is a really great weekend for all cyclists and non cyclists. If interested please contact Bothways asap so we can book you in.
Tues 7th Jan 2014    Christmas Bash Pics    Thanks to Melon Picker, who has sent us loads of photos of the Christmas Bash. You can see them by clicking the link on the photos page
Update on Mary "Nightmare" Smith's accident.
Mary is back home on light duties. She is still experiencing some discomfort but it is hoped that she will make a full recovery without the need for further treatment. (Best Wishes from all of us Mary.)
Xmas bash Wed 1st Jan 2014    Happy New Year!!    Best wishes to all you Bashers.... Hope 2014 is a good year!!

The Christmas bash was a great success as usual.. Thankyou to those of you who are members of the TVPB Facebook group and posted photos of the event... (I've pinched one of Rent-Boy's photos for the website... Let's hope he doesn't pursue his copyright fees too aggressively ;-))
Aunt Sally's Disastrous ride!! (Sunday 29th Dec from the Ship Inn at Cockwood)
Tha weather was sunny, bright and warm, with hardly a breath of wind, so we decided to ride to Bothways house in Exmouth to check on her progress. Eve got lost en-route to Cockwood, Nightmare crashed on the way through Starcross, requiring a trip to hospital, where she remains with some damage to the kidneys. We send our very best wishes to her for a speedy recovery. Barsteward slid off and bumped his swede on the deck. Crossy ran into him and did likewise. Both reckoned their lives were saved by helmets. Spiderman crashed into a bollard along Topsham quay whilst using his mobile phone and nearly fell off the quay, Unda pressed on with a breakaway and we lost them. To top it all we never made it to Anna's as members could not progress any further than the pubs in Lympstone !! Finally I was last to arrive back to The Ship due to two punctures (1 front,1 rear) Thankfully, Heather served us some nice beer and chips to restore our karma !
On On, Aunt Sall.